Robert is a Goldsmith and Jewellery Designer, born and raised in the Aurora area. He began learning the trade at age 17,  and for the past 15 years has been designing and creating Jewellery. Robert was one of two international students accepted to train at the Higher Technical University of Applied Sciences in Steyr, Austria. Upon returning to Canada, he continued his studies, totalling over 7 Years before opening his own business in 2009.  

Robert attended one of Canada's top military schools, graduating with the rank of Master Corporal. He is a member of Clublink, and enjoys golfing with clients and friends. With a passion for aviation beginning as a child, flying and studying aeronautics has been one of Robert's favorite past times.

At age 12, Robert  was certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors,  and since 1996 has been exploring and diving throughout the world. Robert also has a love for Blue Water Offshore Free Diving and Spearfishing and can hold his breath for over two and a half minutes while diving to depths of over seventy feet.